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Welcome to The Alternative Board

Explore how our Peer Board & Coaching franchise model
can take your career to the next level.

A great income doing something I really enjoy

A TAB business gives you choices. You decide - balancing income, capital growth, and lifestyle whilst you do work you enjoy, when you want to do it.  Your income can build to a six figure sum in the first 2-3 years of your TAB business.  When your business is established you will be able to choose to continue to grow your membership by recruiting additional ‘facilitators’ to work with you; or focus on building income through providing additional consultancy services using the TAB tools; or your own area of specialism; or you can stay as you are – earning a very good living and taking time to enjoy all those other things in your life – it’s up to you.

Importantly, you are not competing with your colleagues, you own your exclusive territory and you add valuable services because of your own specialist area of expertise. Your business will become valuable to other people, so you can sell all or part of it, as many of our franchise owners have done over the years.  You really are building a business for your future.

Your revenue relies on your members – see why they love TAB ...


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