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Welcome to The Alternative Board

Own a Rewarding, High Impact, Results-Driven Business
Helping Business Owners or CEOs Succeed.

Far more than business advisers – TAB looks after our members AND their businesses

Stop. Think ...

... and step into a business owners shoes – they may be looking for a business adviser but TAB can offer so much more.

As a business owner, how fantastic would it be to speak with people who have ‘been there before’?  People you can trust, who you can speak to openly and honestly about the opportunities and issues facing your business.  People who can give you practical, real world advice.  People who have no vested interest in your business other than helping you and seeing you succeed.

We asked our members ”Why TAB?”- see what they had to say ...

And guess what?  We show you how to find and engage with your potential members.  You may already know some.  You will certainly get to know more and there are thousands in your area who you don’t even know yet. And when they join you they will stay on average 4 years and two months based on our experience in established territories.  They mostly don’t stay forever but they do stay a long time because they get real value from what you provide.

For further information, please contact PJ Timmins at 01-2984473 or enter your details below ...


Learn more about benefits & a day in the life of a TAB Business Owner.